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Chatham Acquisition LLC d/b/a Chatham Park

A Manufactured Home Community

P.O. Box 284, 37344 Deer Ridge Dr., Crosslake, Minnesota 56442

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(218) 692-2400 Office


Rules and Regulations

(Made a part of the Lease Agreement)




            The purpose of these rules and regulations is to enhance the environment of this manufactured home community and make residency here a more enjoyable experience for everyone.




            A Park Residency Application must be completed for each resident.  An application fee in the amount of $25.00 must be paid when applying.  Following approval, each resident must sign the lease then in effect within the park.  It is required by law that management keeps a current, permanent record of all residents, and the names of your mortgagor or contract holder, if any.  A guest of more than two weeks must fill out a Residency Application as a resident.  If a guest will be in your home more than two weeks, you must notify the management of how long the guest will be there. Management may waive in writing the requirement that a guest apply for residency.  Management reserves the right to require that a guest complete and sign an application for residency and be approved to live within the community.




            Residents are responsible for the maintenance of their lots and must make arrangements to have the yard cared for when on vacation or away from the premises for extended periods of time.

Lots must be neat in appearance and properly mowed.  If lawn work is neglected, management will give you a notice.  If it is not taken care of within the time contained in the notice, management may charge the resident to have the work completed.  If your lawn is damaged by wildlife, it is your responsibility to repair the damage.  Please notify the office of the damage and we will determine whether to set out traps or not. The DNR determines what we are allowed to do in these circumstances.


            All homes must be skirted with approved material compatible with the home, within 30 days of the arrival of the home being set up in the park.  Regular aesthetic maintenance must be performed on the exterior of all homes so that all siding, skirting, windows, doors and roof appear neat and well maintained.  All homes must be brought into conformance before listed for sale within the park, unless the home is going to be sold and moved out of the park.


            Steps, porches, decks, canopies or any other additions must be approved in writing by management before installation.  Permits must be obtained when required by local ordinance.  Storage sheds and garages must be placed on the lot as designated by the park management.  No more than one shed and one garage per lot will be allowed.   Placement of these items must be approved by park management in writing.    Accessory buildings must match the manufactured home in color and material.  No temporary buildings or shelters will be allowed.


No digging or driving of rods, stakes, posts, or pipes is permitted on the lot without first obtaining written permission from the park management.


            Fireplace or firepit wood must be piled neatly to the rear of the home or in a storage shed concealed and out of sight.  Any firepits must be surrounded by rock or in an enclosed free standing firepit, and approved by the management in writing.  Firepit areas must be cleaned up and reseeded with grass after resident moves or is no longer using firepit.  Propane tanks must be stored where they are not visible to the street or neighbors.


            Any damage to the home or any structures on the lot must be repaired within a reasonable time, not to exceed ninety (90) days.  Homes damaged beyond repair must be removed and/or replaced within fourteen (14) days.


            Garbage containers must be stored where they are NOT visible from the street after garbage pickup day.  Garbage containers must be removed immediately the day of or the day after garbage pickup day.   The garbage containers should be closed tightly at all times and safe from rodents.  The park will provide one garbage container to the resident and any additional containers will be the responsibility of the resident to provide.  No garbage AT ANY TIME should be placed outside the containers.  Please use the recycle containers and we shouldn’t have a problem with the garbage containers being able to be closed at all times.


            Garbage Disposals are prohibited.


            If leaf burning is not done in a back yard burning area, leaves must be burned in the driveway.  Burning permits are required.


            Improvements and alterations to the lot can make this manufactured home park a more beautiful and desirable place to live.  Nevertheless, to protect the mechanical and utility installations and to maintain and improve upon the aesthetic appearance, no alterations to the lot may be made without the prior written consent of management.


            Window air-conditioners must be supported by metal straps or brackets to the home.  No support may touch the ground. Central air-conditioners must be placed on lot sites and directly adjacent to your home so as not to interfere with the general appearance of the park.




            Sewer and water:  The park is responsible to provide sewer & water.  All sewer, water & electrical connections are the responsibility of the manufactured homeowner to connect when the home is moved in.  The park reserves the right to separately meter and charge for sewer and water.


            Electric:  Crow Wing Power (218-829-2827) provides power availability to the park.  All hookups to the manufactured home must conform to state and local codes and be inspected by the park manager (or local inspectors, if required).  Electrical hookups are the responsibility of the homeowner.  If a garage or storage building is built, an electrical inspection at residents’ expense is required if power is run to these buildings.


            Heat Tape:  Each resident is responsible for providing heat tape for the home and seeing that it is in working order and making sure it is plugged in when necessary.  We have found that leaving the heat tape plugged in year-round is better for sweating of the pipes in the Summer and keeping the pipes warm in the Winter.  Resident will be charged if management is required to thaw or repair frozen water lines.  All such charges are due and payable as additional rent.  Please have your heat tape checked once a year to make sure it is in good working condition. We provide Sewer from your house hookup to the tank and drain field.  If it is determined that any freeze-up was caused by a water leak in your house or from the hydrant under your house, you are responsible for that cost and the same shall be due as additional rent. 




            Vehicles:  All motor vehicles regularly parked within the community must be registered with the manager, listing the make, model, year and license number.  If you purchase a different vehicle, please let the manager know the new information on the vehicle.  All vehicles must have a current license and be in operable condition.  No major repair work of vehicles is permitted in the park.  Minor mechanical repairs such as points, plugs, tire changing, and washing are permitted on resident’s lot. Vehicles that are inoperative, abandoned or improperly parked will be removed from the park at the resident’s risk and expense.


            Car Parking:  Two vehicles per lot are permitted outside of your personal garage.  Overnight guest vehicles are permitted to park on the street only if there is not ample parking room on your lot. 


If you park extra vehicles or unauthorized sheds on your property, you are in violation of your lease.  You will be notified and given a 30-day warning.  If you fail to comply, the park will pursue its rights and remedies to terminate your lease and evict you from the park.


            Other Parking: RV’s, Campers, boats, trailers, and any other large vehicle may be parked only in the designated storage areas following Management approval.  All such equipment must be registered with the management and parked in the space assigned by management.  Chatham Park, in its sole discretion, may make storage space available in a storage area within the park for a fee.  If you wish to rent storage space, please see the park manager. 


Minibikes, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, 3-wheelers (ATV’s), create a considerable amount of noise.  Please be considerate of your neighbors and follow the speed limit signs. 




            All homes must be parked or pulled from the lots or spaces under the supervision of the park owner or manager.  At least two weeks written notice must be given to the managers before the home is to be parked or pulled from the lot.


            All monies owed in connection with the park rent or any other charges must be paid before the home leaves the park.


            No home shall be placed on the resident’s lot except the original unit which was approved and rented unless prior written consent is given by the management.




            Neat and reasonably sized, “for sale” signs are allowed in the window of the home.  Any additional signs must be approved by the park. 


            Residents must notify the management in writing before a home is advertised for sale.  If you intend to sell the home and move it from the premises, you must notify the management of your intentions sixty (60) days prior to vacating.  No home may be sold until the new buyer(s) has/have filled out a “Lot Residency Application” and have been approved by the park management. There are NO exceptions.  No person shall be deemed to have been approved for occupancy until all amounts owed by the resident to the park are paid in full.




            Only (1) pet per resident shall be allowed in the park, unless approved by management in writing.  No vicious breeds are permitted.  ALL pets must be confined to the lot (tied, fenced or kenneled) and may not substantially annoy any park resident.  You will be given notice if we receive more than two (2) complaints about your pet, and after (3) three notices, we may require that you give up your pet or leave the community. You must remove all of your pet’s feces promptly.


            All pets must be registered with park management.  Each pet must be identified by name, present evidence of current rabies and distemper shots, and give a photograph for your personal file at the office.




            No peddling, soliciting or distribution of any type of product or service is permitted within the park without prior approval of the owner or manager in writing.


            No more than one family may occupy the home.


            Residents of the park shall not make or permit any loud noise which annoys or interferes in any way with other residents’ right to quietly enjoy the property.


            Residents/Parents shall at all times be responsible for the actions and activities of their children while in the park.  Please do not leave your children playing unattended within the park.




            The speed limit in the park is set by Minnesota law.  All parks within the State of Minnesota have a 10 M.P.H. allowable speed and it is clearly marked within the park on the Speed Limit signs.  Please abide by this speed limit and it is the responsibility of the park resident to inform all guests of this speed limit.




            Guests must comply with these Rules and Regulations and the terms of the Lease.  Residents are responsible for informing their guests of our rules and regulations and assuring compliance with these rules and regulations and the terms of the lease.  Children from outside the park are not permitted in the park without their parents or unless under the direct supervision of an adult resident.



Residents using EFT or automatic payments authorize Chatham Park to adjust their monthly fees when the rent amount increases or a balance remains for more than 30 days. 


Park Rules and Regulations may be amended upon sixty (60) days written notice.




            Report to the Police all suspicious actions and any theft or vandalism you experience.





            The management or owners of the Park are not responsible for loss due to fire, theft, or accident on Park property, or in Park buildings.




Park Rules and Regulations may be amended upon sixty (60) days written notice.




Violations of these rules may be grounds for eviction.  A resident may be evicted if:


  1. The resident fails to comply with a local ordinance or state law or regulation relating to manufactured homes within the time the ordinance, law or regulation provides or, if no time is provided, with a reasonable time after the resident has received written notice of noncompliance.  The resident fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the Lease Agreement within thirty (30) days after the resident has received written notice of the alleged noncompliance except the thirty  (30) day notice shall not apply to non-payment of rent.

  2. The resident conducts himself upon the manufactured home park premises in a manner which substantially annoys or endangers the health or safety of other residents or causes substantial damage to the park premises and has received thirty (30) days written notice to vacate, except the park owner may require the resident to vacate immediately if the resident violates this clause a second or subsequent receipt of this notice is given.

  3. The  resident  acts  in  any other manner which provides a basis for eviction pursuant to  Minn. Stat. §327C.09 or if the park is closed.

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